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German brand, natural sound quality, eternal quality, enjoy the sound of nature Shen



The pursuit of natural sound and a passion for detail perfect is a family thing at Zerodb. We began creating special speakers for pure listening pleasure in technically and acoustically demanding settings more than 40 years ago. We now manage a firm which is active all over the world and believes in "Germany Quality" and a trustworthy relationship with its consumers.

By providing a superior listening experience, Zerodb continues its heritage of innovation in the realm of architectural loudspeakers. Zerodb allows you to experience great sound in any scenario.

Surrounded by beautiful nature in Germany, we design our speakers at our Head quarter in Germany. The synergy of expertise and craftsmanship leads to high-quality, durable products. Our attention to detail and the components used in speaker,make our products highly desirable.


Technology And Emotion, Hand in Hand


 Daringly Going beyond Limits 


Passion and care are the true drivers

German Brand

 High Fidelity Sound Quality

40 Years’ Experience

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